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They’ll Never Get a Greeting as Personal as a SmashUps™ Video

Don’t just send along your wishes, send them in a personalized Dolly Parton video! Or something else, we won’t judge … We’ve got the best singing, dancing, personalized video greetings ever!

Choose the Video Greeting That Makes You Smile

SmashUps™ has all your personalized-fun needs met with a unique product offering that allows you to deliver personalized videos to anyone — for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion.

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Personalized shout-outs from our celebrity BFFs — your friends and family won’t believe what they’re seeing.

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Funny, one-of-a-kind, personalized videos that will leave the people in your life's mouths agape and rolling with laughter.

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Put your words into the mouths of our amazingly adorable and often hilarious cast of characters. Who doesn’t love a talking rock?!

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Celebrate all occasions with personalized greetings starring you. Transform yourself, a friend or your pet with our Selfie Smashups™.

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