Celebrity SmashUps™

Celebrity SmashUps™ are fun, amazingly customized greetings that call out your friends and family by name through the magic of video.

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Why Personalized Video Messages Are a Great Way To Connect

When you need a greeting that is a real showstopper for your friends, family, co-workers and business partners, Celebrity SmashUps™ has you covered! With celebrity shout-outs, high-quality videos, jaw-dropping sets, amazing costumes, even their name in lights — they’ll really want to know: “How did they do that?”

How to Set Up a Celebrity Shout-Out with SmashUps™

It’s easy to create personalized celebrity messages for your favorite people!

  • Choose your favorite celebrity shout-out for their birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion.

  • Pick the recipient’s name (or other personalization) from the drop-down list.

  • Preview or send now via email, Facebook or other messaging app.

  • Then wait for them to ask, “How did they DO that?!”

How Do You Get Celebrity Video Greetings?

When you send celebrity video greetings personalized with someone’s name, they will receive them like an ecard: embedded in an email or as a link they can open from a text message, Facebook or other social media website. All they need to do is click on the video to watch someone famous say their name and send best wishes over and over again! We’d love to see their reaction when they open their Celebrity SmashUp! Remember to capture it all on your phone and tag us on social media!

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