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While saying “I’m sorry” may not always come easy, sending sorry ecards to make up can be a great first step.

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An I'm Sorry Ecard for When It's Time To Apologize

As they say, “You’re only human.” That’s why there are countless reasons why you might need to send a sorry ecard. The next time you put your foot in your mouth, step in it, have a big blunder, show up late, forget a friend’s birthday, miss an anniversary, have a blowout with your spouse, lose your cool with your boyfriend, embarrass your girlfriend or make an absent-minded mistake … American Greetings has the perfect apology ecard to say, "I'm sorry." Check out our “I miss you” ecards, sorry ecards for friends, light-hearted apology ecards and more. And with the option to personalize your apology note, all of our cards offer the perfect way to let someone know you’re sorry and regret the misdeed.

Apology Messages: What Should You Write in an I'm Sorry Card?

What do you write to apologize to your husband, to your wife, to your girlfriend or boyfriend? How do you apologize to your boss? To your best friend? We offer tips on “What to Write in an Apology Message” to help you get on the road to reconciliation. No matter who it is, no matter what you did, start with those two hardest little words: “I’m sorry.” After that, try to be specific, acknowledge their feelings and most of all, be honest. Make a plan to make things right. Then after the dust has settled, you might find you’ve grown from the experience and strengthened your relationship, too!

How to Send an Apology Card with American Greetings

American Greetings makes it easy to send ecards for an apology. With a 7-day, no-risk free trial, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below to start sending ecards in minutes::

  1. 1. Browse “I’m Sorry” ecards and choose the perfect one

  2. 2. Add your apology message or upload your favorite photo

  3. 3. Preview your ecard to add any final touches

  4. 4. Enter the recipient's email address and hit send!